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Avoid the gap

Admed offers you specially designed products in 2016 to provide for shortfalls or gaps in your medical aid cover, in the event of hospitalisation.

Shortfall cover in hospital

500% of scheme tariff

  • Benefit for shortfalls in medical practitioner costs
    (shortfall cover)*
  • Benefit for co-payments/deductibles applied by your medical aid for certain procedures
  • Benefit for co-payments levied by your medical scheme on oncology treatment programmes
  • Benefit for shortfall on internal prosthesis costs

Additional cover

  • Lump sum benefit for first-time cancer (stage 2)
  • Lump sum benefit for accidental death and permanent total disability
  • Lump sum benefit for long-term hospitalisation
  • Fixed benefit for tooth repairs as a result of accidental injury
* Shortfalls arising from prescribed minimum benefits.